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Acylic on canvas

34 x 34

Strip wooden frame



"Painting is raising a flat surface to project sensations or material truth reality (which is best done by simplifying the surface and shape together with brightened texture) and sensations of volume and time-space (which is done by alternating transparent volumes with the surface texture areas. Lines are used for the latter---advancing lines surrounding receding areas." PRM

Approximately 30" x 25"


Painting with egg varnish medium over vinolite toned ground, either on lead ground canvas or plain presswood panels. Draw on a vinolite ground with egg varnish paint. It erases easily with a sponge and water. Also dries quickly for over painting. The when composition is arranged with egg varnish used, textures may be built up using vinolite and inert substances such as string, sawdust, cloth, etc. PRM

Oil on board

16x18 (painting)

Professionally restored

Museum frame



"Painting technique. Flannel ranks soaked with casein paint (Shiva) to draw in composition. Glaze with oil color. Paint is solidly into When dry again, work with Shiva casein on rag to assure thin coat of casein paint. Again glaze with oil paint." PRM