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39" x 30"



"The distinct contrast between a advancing solid and transparent receding surfaces-see quality of the universality of space and time. To give this picture coherence, units must be organized each in relation to a background." PRM


Acrylic on canvas


no frame


"Good color is not that which makes you aware of its brightness so much as that it gives a dynamic sense of growing, expanding, breathing...........as a thing alive." PRM 1970

Acrylic on canvas


Finished wooden frame



"There must be a necessity to generate invention. Look at the past examples of dull academic art and be wary of the skillful manipulation of surface reality being accomplished by skillful use of photography, instead of direct contact with the subject. Actual contact is more likely to discover the inner rhythms which can overwhelm our senses instead of merely tickling our intellectual egos. How often has the critics exclaimed 'My! Such detail; such perspective'"



Another Day

70" x 50"

Acrylic on canvas




"Drawing is not putting a line around what we see. It is to give the sensation or entities in space by means of color tones. Extension and transparencies may be used." PRM 1946

Slow Moving Forms

40" x 41"

Acrylic on canvas


"Keep moving! History reminds us that discoveries of the easy, skillful methods when repeated often become a dull bore. An artist's experiences (just like any living thing) must constantly adjust to the unknown." PRM 1965


43" x 97"

Acrylic on canvas


"Painting is rising a flat surface to project sensations or material truth reality (which is best done by simplifying the surface and shape together with brightened texture) and sensations of volume and time-space (which is done by alternating transparent volumes with the surface texture areas. Lines are used for the latter---advancing lines surrounding receding areas." PRM